International Conference on Victimology and

Victim Assistance in Indonesia  (ICVVAI)

September 20-22, 2016


Pelatihan Viktimologi Indonesia (PVI)

September 18-20, 2016



International conference and training on victimology will be held for the first time in Faculty of Law, Jenderal Soedirman University, Purwokerto, Indonesia. This conference and training is the faculty’s effort to show its global existence in contributing critical studies and ideas to the science development, especially in victimology.

Nowadays, the positive law development is inseparable with victimology as victims awareness. As one of interdisiplinary sciences, victimology consists of body of knowledge of various disiplines; among others criminology, medical science, psychology, public administration, social-working education, so on. It covers activities in vary, done by polices, judiciaries, law courts, social welfare as well as educational institutions, insurance companies, also legislation institutions. At least there are three basic purposes of victimology, these are “to analyze the manifold aspect of the victim’s problem, to explain the causes for victimization, and to develop a system of measures for reducing human suffering”.

The discourse of victimology starts from the loss and suffering undergone by the victims. Both the positive law and legal practice system have been more oriented to the interests of the perpetrator, hence the victims are many times called the “invisible, forgotten, a second class citizen, a second victimizasion”. The victims are not only suffered from the loss caused by the act against the law, but also when their case is on trial. Even in other diciplinary science like criminlogy, the perpetrator is assigned as the main object even more.

Policy strategy of outrage management especially the delinquency is basically will be applied more rationally, that is not only to consider the perpetrators but also the victims aspect. This encourages the incipience of victimology as a dicipline. Victimology’s role in this case is not merely to defend and relieve the victim’s loss and suffering, but also to see how far the role of victims themselves in the act against the law. To study the characteristic and role of the victims, we would find a better and more comprehensive understanding certainly to the type of delinquency or even outrage so that preventive measures will be performed more professionally.

However, in the practice so far, the lack of victimology perpective application in handling the victims and the restraint of the act against the law, is not only accumulating the issues of case settlement, but it also sets the victims apart from their fundamental rights to obtain the justice. As well as the lack of the world society’s contribution in studying victimology, including in Indonesia, the scientific forum for victimology has never been arranged before. This is for sure inversely proportional to the victimology’s role, that in point of fact its benefits could be explored for the victims’ interests.

Everyone; not in regard of his age, sex, nation, profession, social class or other classification is opened to the possibility of assault. In other words all society members have a chance to be the victim. It is included as the world society risk to deal with the development of criminal modus and organized transnational crime motives. The role of victimology cannot be denied, in which it is expected to be the most advanced science instrument in defending and strenghtening the interest of the victims to gain their justice. Victimology instrument in defending the victims is not only limited to the action of victim assistance or else, but also formulating the policy to decrease the victim’s suffering as the form of scientific contribution.

Related to the issues above, unequivocal discussion on victimology is needed to be done by all relevant parties. Thus, the Faculty of Law of Jenderal Soedirman University is going to hold the International Conference and Training with the theme of “The Role Of Victimology in Strengthening the Rights and Positions of  Victims in Criminal Justice System”.

This conference is purposed to :

  1. To increase the understanding on victimology  and victims’ right protection, also its development in the international world.
  2. To strengthen the academic bond of fraternity among the victimology and victims’ right protection instructors, researchers, reviewers and practitioners.
  3. To gain information from the victimology experts according to their knowlegde and experience in victimology development and its implementation in defending the victims;
  4. To enrich the ideas of the exsistence to the role of victimology in discussion forum among the stakeholders; and
  5. To expect from this conference’s result, the benefit inputs for the stakeholders in arranging the appropriate policies and actions dedicated to the interests of the victims.
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